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Haven't heard of her? Kendra is an American television personality, glamour model, author and business woman. Most people know her as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. One of her most successful roles was on reality television series titled The Girls Next Door which documented her life in the famous Playboy Mansion.

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The release of Kendra Wilkinson’s tape amazed people. According to her, she made the sex tape out of love. The tape was a love experience between her and her high school boyfriend. In the footage, Kendra at first does not want to be videotaped and seems resigned to her fate in the beginning. You will notice that she grinds with a blanket hiding her pussy. BE PATIENT. As the tape proceeds, she transforms into the perfect little slut. The lucky male companion tries to put a camera directly in to her WET pussy, but Kendra closes her legs. This is one of the only clues we have that prove this might actually be a celebrity sex scandal that wasn't meant to be “leaked”. Many celebrities have made amateur porn videos and willingly released them to the public just for fame (reality TV diva Mimi Faust released a freaky one with Nikko Smith for fame).  Maybe Kendra just needed some cash?

Kendra became famous after sleeping with Hugh Hefner. She then went on to document her life in the Playboy Mansion which was basically three hot blonds and lots of drama. It is fair to say that she made money out of being the old man's side bimbo, and revealing her life in the otherwise controversial bunny Mansion. She's definitely does not have a wholesome image (like this unexpected tape), and the release of Kendra's erotic film didn't surprise anyone.

Nonetheless, Kendra faced a difficult moment with her husband Hank Baskett. Maybe that is why the NBA star was driven to cheat on her during their marriage.

Anyway, enough with the details – see what you came for below!

Kendra Wilkinson sex tape exposed



Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Leaked

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