Melania Trump Took Naked Photos When She Was Younger

Can you imagine being born in Slovenia to modest means in a stereotypical Eastern bloc apartment building… to being First Lady of the United States?  Even just married to a billionaire?  Pretty crazy… Melania Trump, the First Lady, is exposed below!

melania trump sugar daddy meme

However, Melania did get her start in modeling, and we all know Donald Trump has a thing for models.  She was born Melania Knauss, and she definitely posed nude for some magazine.

First, the warm up.  Check out this bangin' photo of Melania in a skirt crossing those legs.

Melania skirt legs crossed
This looks like the start of some generic MILF porn video, no?
Melania Trump bikini bottoms coming off
Take it off Melania!!

She might just be the biggest MILF we've ever seen in the White House, and hopefully we'll get some nip slip or upskirt action now that she's in the press spotlight every day ALL DAY.  Reports are saying she will remain in Manhattan instead of moving to the White House to continue caring for her son Barron.

Melania Trump nipple
Perfect areola's
Melania Trump tits and nipple
Another see-through photo
Melania Trump nude on/off
Yep, that's definitely her!
Melania Trump totally unclothed and standing
She's aged like a prime steak

Come on Melania, we need some ass!! It may not be a bubble butt, but what can you expect from a 5'10 model? They can't usually support that PAWG booty. Slender booty more like it.

Melania Trump on hands and knees

Or maybe some hot photos from GQ.

Melania Trump GQ cover

Or some slightly awkward lesbian cuddling. This concludes today's post of Melania Trump's dirtiest photos, but do come back as we are sure more is coming!

melania trump awkward lesbian embrace