Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike Movie

Damn! Olivia Munn TOPLESS in Magic Mike was an unforgettable scene. When the film first came out in 2012, everybody was happily pleased that Munn had a hot part in the movie. She definitely stole the show in a movie where all eyes were suppose to be on the male stripper (Channing Tatum).


Olivia Munn sexy body in thigh highs and duck face
Sexy Olivia Munn looking damn healthy!

Olivia plays the sultry and beautiful Joanna in the movie, who “Magic Mike” has an off-and-on-again relationship with. Joanna is a two-timing bitch that has a fiance that Mike (Tatum) knows nothing about throughout the movie. The beauty plays a dirty role well – which is hardly surprising after seeing Munn's leaked naughty pics with nasty messages on them! Man, did those prove she's a downright freak!

In the movie, the 36 year old's titties were fantastically displayed in the flick – it reminds us of Margot Robbie's nude tits scene in Wolf of Wall Street. As you will see for yourself, Olivia has great boobies. Enjoy the pics!

Sexy Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike Movie

Olivia Munn topless in magic mike movie

Olivia Munn Topless Video from Magic Mike