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Ever since Rihanna teased our dicks with her music video Umbrella, we've wanted to see EVERYTHING! Rihanna's nude leaked photo collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The “work” singer fancies getting undressed for the cameras, even in her private life apparently. We don't mind one bit – keep shredding those layers and bare that damn hot body of yours, Riri! Virtual reality is a better place with images of your fine ass all over it.


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Rihanna has received a lot of slack for being so provocative and a “bad role model” for younger ladies. Along with other entertainers like the bootylicious Nicki Minaj who is making a hobby out of getting naked. In our opinion, we don't think these ladies should get so much grief for expressing themselves with their bodies. The female body is beautiful and conservative right shouldn't be so afraid of a little TNA. Plus, I don't think they signed up to be role models when they signed their record contracts anyway.

Well, these leaked photos of the Barbados beauty are pretty special. She is seen totally naked in a few of them, and the others have some of her female parts exposed, too. Let's just say, this “good girl gone bad” knows how to keep things interesting (especially in her naughty sex video, you can check Rihanna get down here). Well, enjoy the photos!

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