Iggy Azalea Made a Sex Tape with Nick Young

A video of gorgeous blond rapper and Australian native has been leaked: the Iggy Azalea sex tape is finally here, and it's apparently from her young and wild days before she was globally famous.

People believe the video is authentic because of the matching tattoos and the big beautiful white ass that the woman in the video has. I mean it's definitely as bangin' and sexy as Iggy's fine PAWG booty.

Iggy Azalea porn video
Scroll down to watch Iggy get FUCKED! 🙂
GQ shoot Iggy Azalea wet t-shirt nipples
From a recent GQ shoot… beautiful body

It's been circulating an insane amount through the internet and people can't get enough. At first Iggy denied the fact that it was her and was sickened by the fact that someone would say so, but then later on after the dust settled she claimed that it was. Damn! She also claimed it was with an ex-boyfriend… hmmm.  That is definitely Nick Young in those photos!

He is hittin' that ass like a slam piece! You can see that thing jiggling, people! Iggy and the “man” were trading the camera back and forth so the footage is seen up close and personal – a ho on the stage and a ho in the sheets? She could give Amber Rose's booty a run for it's money. Or maybe you prefer Kylie Jenner's ass?

Iggy Azalea bent over ass
Who wants to tap that from the back?

That is definitely Iggy's Naked Ass.

Iggy Azalea naked booty
If that doesn't make you hard…

Iggy now claims there is a video again. The girl cannot make up her mind.

She went on the record to say: “If i did have a sex tape it would be completely fucking fine and my own business.

People out there believe Iggy is being sketchy about it and if there wasn't one, why is she using attorneys to stop it from being released?

Iggy fans think she should just own up to it because she looks fucking hot in the video and shouldn't be ashamed of it! If anything, the sex tape would be good for her and her career. Even though most people are 99 percent sure it's her…