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If you haven't seen the Amber Rose sex tape then you're in for one of the BEST “leaked” celebrity treats to hit the web! Let's just say this bald-headed and curvy thick-girl is fantastic at moving her meaty junk in the bedroom. Amber's nasty sexual behavior is as kinky and as bad as it gets. It's as if she was a stripper in her past life – oh, wait, she was! No wonder this woman knows how to professionally ride dirty.


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Yes, that's what sets Amber's erotic leaked video from the other famous ones. She has trained skills in the bedroom that will make your jaw drop. Even Rihanna's perverted moves in her popular leaked tape can't top Amber's, which says a whole lot! Think about it, this voluptuous female stripped for a god damn living and she was fucking brilliant at it. That's why Kanye West and other rappers noticed her – even more so, wanted to date her. They couldn't help but fall in love with this stripper. She's got magic powers.

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In our opinion, Rose's leak is completely underrated. We don't get how reality tv star's Farrah Abraham's adult film has more views than this one. Don't get us wrong, Abraham's is worth looking at but Amber's is just on a completely different playing field. We are telling you, the girl does things with that big fat ass we didn't think was possible! Sorry, the teen mom's skinny physique could never compete with Amber's robust body parts.

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Well, enough with the ranting. Go ahead and create your own opinion by watching the flick yourself!

Amber Rose Sex Tape Leaked


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