Megan Fox Sex Tape Leaked!

Could this be the real Megan Fox sex tape?! The recording looks pretty damn genuine to us. It was leaked on the web awhile ago and has resurfaced once again today. The stunning actress has made no comments about the alleged video yet, but she tends to not comment on any of her scandals. A tactic some celebs use to avoid attracting more attention to their dramas.

screenshot of the megan fox sex tape
Screenshot of Megan Fox's tape!

Sources are saying the video was made right before the beauty became a worldwide sensation. Sometime before the Transformers movie made its debut in 2007 and Megan became everyone's new favorite Hollywood crush. In the Spielberg flick, Fox made us sweat over her sexy scenes in her tight jean shorts. A vision her admirers play over and over again in their minds. If you were obsessed with her then, this adult flick might just send you over the edge… be aware!

No one is sure who the bastard is in the video. All we know is that freaky Fox gave him the ride of his life, among other naughty pleasures, such as a nice and long cock-sucking. One the more lengthy blow-jobs we have seen in celeb tapes (even singer Miley Cyrus' infamous backstage BJ in her porn wasn't as enthusiastic). He might be just one of the luckiest dudes on the planet. Some speculate the dubbed “mystery-man” has remained anonymous because he is actually the one behind spectacular leak.

Well, enough with the details, watch Megan get nasty below!

Megan Fox sex tape nude

Watch The Megan Fox Sex Tape