Blac Chyna Sex Tape with Tyga!

The Blac Chyna sex tape with Tyga created so much drama when it was “leaked”. Although the ex couple's kinky video was allegedly filmed back when they were together (years ago), people in their circle are still not so pleased. Namely, Blac Chyna's fiance Rob Kardashian, and his half-sister/model Kylie Jenner who is dating the “Ayo” rapper.


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The Kardashian family is apparently outraged with Tyga over the video. Not only for breaking their sister/daughter's heart over the matter, but also for possibly leaking naughty footage of him and Kylie getting crazy in the bedroom, too. Yes, you read it right, there are alleged rumors that the dubbed “Kyga” couple made a tape as well! According to reports, it was never meant for the public eye and the 19 year old reality star is devastated over the news of the leak.

Well, back to Blac, she was also outraged by her own leak with Tyga. She even went as far as coming out to the press. The ex-stripper said she is willing to “sue” anyone who has their hands on the recordings. The word on the street is that the rapper gave the film to his homeboys to sell. Blac's BFF Amber Rose's sex scandal was reported to be released the same way. What a sneaky little bastard! There is not much information on the company who has it, all we know is that someone got a huge paycheck for the content.

Some sources close to Rob Kardashian have said anonymously that he is quite depressed over the situation. He is disappointed that his soon-to-be-wife is being exposed in such a way, but more so that her ex Tyga is her partner in the video. He has never liked him, even before him and Blac started dating a couple years ago. For now, he is trying to keep his anger under wrap for Ms. Chyna due to her pregnancy with his child.

Anyway, the drama in that family is out of control and who really fucking cares, right?! Let's get to why you are here – see scrawny Tyga get his ass whooped by Blac Chyna in bed below!

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