NEW Blake Lively Leaked Pic!

The newest Blake Lively LEAKED pic has been shared thousands of time since the YUMMY image hit the web a few days ago. People are speculating that this is another Fappening hacker job Рthe guys can't seem to leave the beautiful blonde alone. They have already hit Ms. Lively hard with the collection of nudes they leaked of her in September of 2014. Those were more SEDUCTIVE photos, but this one is decently sexy as well.

blake lively sexy in bikini talking on cell phone
Sexy Blake Lively in hot bikini!


Her husband Ryan Reynolds must be less than impressed with another leak of his wife. Interestingly enough he hasn't talked to the media at all about the old and new iCloud scandal. However, there haven't been very many husbands of Fappening victims who have expressed their thoughts on the matter. It is probably a sore subject for many of them, you know some of the photos released were sent to ex boyfriends. YIKES.

Plus, it's known that Reynolds is not of fan of his partners being naked in any sense. Sources say that when he was married to Scarlett Johansson he would throw fits over her naked movie scenes. That was partly the reason they divorced. No wonder Blake Lively is totally against stripping it off for the camera. She does not have one movie where she is nude (trust us, we have searched over and over again).

Why can't Reynolds be like singer John Legend?! That dude let's his wife Chrissy Teigen get naked for modeling shoots and more. He doesn't get jealous, he shows her off any chance he gets. Come on, Ryan – sharing is caring, bro!

We know you don't give a shit about the drama, you just want to see the baby! Here is the new pic below.

New Blake Lively Leaked Pic

New Blake Lively leaked pic!

Blake's tits have certainly gotten bigger since she has had kids. One of the many blessings from childbirth – enormous breasts! And just look at those pokies, they look like the perfect shape. Speaking of nipples, check out some of her famous nip-slips below.