Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape iCloud Leak!

When the Jennifer Lawrence sex tape surfaced we instantly got a hard on! She's one of those dime pieces that instantly get your dick wet, if you kow what I mean. She's got that perfect hourglass shape and some of the best tits in Hollywood.

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FYI, this tape will definitely go down as one of the nastiest and raunchiest tapes in celeb sex tape history. J-Law fans haven't been this happy since the day her iCloud fappening photos were leaked!


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Jennifer Lawrence with her finger in her mouth
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Jennifer Lawrence sex tape pic from icloud leak
Jennifer Lawrence bending over showing her PERFECT pussy  – snapshot pic from the video!

The Hunger Games star has still not made any comments about the alleged video of her getting pounded. However, interestingly enough, she has expressed lots of rage over her nude pictures and is currently in a legal battle with the infamous celebrity hacker.

As you will see, Jennifer is very comfortable with herself and is not shy in front of the camera.  That usually means great sex… 🙂

Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape Leaked

It's possible Jennifer just wants to move on from this sex scandal and put it past her. Most of Jen's aficionados online believe the actress should embrace this debacle. From reviewing comments on the issue, most say she shouldn't be ashamed that people are obsessed with her blessed figure.

Jennifer Lawrence nude (1) Jennifer Lawrence nude (2)

If you didn't know, Jennifer had one of the largest leaks in the original iCloud breach with over 100 private photos and several private videos.

Jennifer Lawrence nude (3) Jennifer Lawrence nude (4)

She can be clearly seen goofing around in most of them with what seems to be her significant other, and with the ease of filming on today's smart phones… well, a dirty video is not all that surprising.

Who else in the leak has perfect natural breasts and an ass to match? Maybe Kaley Cuoco, but beyond that, this is top shelf stuff!