Pamela Anderson Sex Tape(s) with Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels

The legendary Pamela Anderson sex tape with Tommy Lee is famous for a reason. This naughty video has all the elements a great amateur porn video has.  From Pam's amazing body (what a pussy!) to her signature bolt on tits. But it wasn't just one tape… she did it again with Bret Micheals!

This hot piece of ass started her career by appearing in Jumbotron, wearing a beer T-shirt. The company then hired Anderson as their spokesmodel. After her tape she appeared in many TV shows, her most famous Baywatch. She also got leading roles in some famous movies, as Raw Justice and Barb Wire.


Pamela Anderson sex tape leaked nude pic of her topless and showing her pussy
Sexy Pamela Anderson back in the day.

Pamela Anderson's infamous sex scandal footage emerged on the internet in 1998. One of the first celebrity porn videos to hit the web and start a phenomenon. Because of her, famous women like the YUMMY Iggy Izalea have WILD “leaked” videos, too. The tape was an ultimate hit and until now is an all time favorite in every age group around the world.

Pam and Tommy
Tommy had a 9 inch dong and Pam loved every inch of it…

Her first tape was with then-husband Tommy Lee which featured her clip from their honeymoon and placed online by Seth Warshavsky, creating a hit sensation overnight. The content of this dirty video shows her perfectly shaped body during wild sex on a boat, road head and all kinds of action between the two getting super freaky for the hand-held camera. You know, this was before cell phones had cameras on them.


Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels porn
Pam sucking off Bret Michael's in her second tape

Her second tape was with Bret Michaels, singer of the band Poison and a well-known celebrity. This DVD released and became viral on the internet in 2005. This was also a HUGE hit in the adult industry. The film gets watched thousands of times a month and still rocks some of the biggest sales to date.

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Pamela Anderson sex tape with Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson Sex Tape with Tommy Lee

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