Miley Cyrus Sex Tape from Backstage!

Hannah Montana is no more – Miley Cyrus has risen, and she is a father's worst nightmare.  We're not sure how Billy Ray Cyrus sleeps at night.  Or maybe he encourages his daughter to explore her sexuality?  Miley has gone crazier and crazier over the last few years, and she may have just outdone herself.

Is a Miley Cyrus sex tape really that hard to believe? She loves to shock her fans with the sluttiest and most provocative concerts we have ever seen from a mainstream artist.

Miley Cyrus sex tape backstage
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Miley Cyrus pussy slip on stage
Yes, she likes to be choked.


Check out this video of Miley pretending to fuck on top of a car…

Miley During a Live Concert [VIDEO]

Rumors of a leaked sex tape have been around ever since Miley turned 18 (she's now 24), but this latest rumor actually looks authentic.  With the drugs and alcohol Miley is likely consuming, it wouldn't be much of a stretch of the imagination to think she might fuck a lucky fan backstage. She sucks a mean dick — and even lets this dude cum in her mouth to finish him off. The Farrah Abraham sex tape is the only raunchy anal video that might be able to top Miley!

Miley Cyrus fingering her pussy
Wanna watch me finger my wet pussy baby??

Miley Cyrus nude photos have been plentiful the last couple of years… she loves to be naked, no doubt about it. Like this set of her topless on the beach. She has been dating Patrick Schwarzenegger for a while now, what are the chances those two have filmed themselves fucking? Pretty decent!  According to some inside sources, the two have amazing physical chemistry… which is not surprising once you see the video below.

Miley Cyrus topless getting ready for cumshot
Preparing for the money shot

Too bad she doesn't have more of an ass… there is little doubt she loves anal. How many fans do you think have boned Miley? Leave us a comment below with your guess.  Now, before we waste any more time, check out the backstage boning video below.

Watch the Miley Cyrus Sex Tape: