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Olivia Munn Nude Leaked Fappening Pics!

When word spread about the fappening, many of us were happy to see Olivia Munn among the names. Her photos got some of the most attention from the famous hack – along with Lake Bell's and Amber Heard's hacked iCloud video. Munn's group of naked photos stands out from other celebrity victims. The actress not only had some very revealing images, but she had some naughty text attached to a few of them! Which gave the world a window into her awesomely perverted mind. We always knew she was a BAD girl!


olivia munn nude leaked fappening pics
Celebrity Olivia Munn topless and looking fine as hell!

At the time the Office Christmas Party star was dating Chris Pine and sources say the dirty messages were meant for him. Hence the name “Chris” on the pics. The couple broke up in 2010 after a whirlwind romance, only lasting a Fall season – but obviously the fling was pretty hot and heavy. Their sex life must have been rocking if they were that vulgar and vocal in the bedroom!

Now Olivia is dating Aaron Rodgers (quarterback for the Packers). Poor guy has to live with this whole ordeal. JK, we don't feel bad for him one bit, he still gets to put it in Munn's outrageously delicious pussy! Plus, the filthy writing is just evidence she is kinky in the sheets!!

Well, enjoy these special leaked treats below! Let your imagination roll…

Olivia Munn's Leaked Fappening Pics

celeb olivia munn leaked fappening pic and naughty message to chris pine
The dirty message Olivia Munn sent to Chris Pine! #DREAMGIRL!
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