Selena Gomez Has A DIRTY Sex Tape!

Another sizzling story made the headlines over the weekend! This time it was the Selena Gomez sex tape rumor that caught everyone's attention. Hot footage of the alleged video was released by an anonymous adult film company. Of course, fans speculate her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber is behind the ordeal. People can't seem to move on from their teen courtship.


Selena Gomez sex tape pic of her touching herself!
Screenshot of the sexy Selena in the tape!

It's more likely that a hacker stole the recording from the pop singer's iCloud. Similar to how actress Kaley Cuoco's sex scandal situation got leaked to the public (the bombshell blonde from the Big Bang Theory). Man, these tech nerds are getting ballzy trying to steal private pics/videos from celebrity iPhones. The Fappening guy certainly started a new trend.

Gomez hasn't commented on the hot topic, which leads to the assumption this actually might be her in the recording. The usual media skeptics are calling this a sham; it could be a Selena look-a-like. If that is the case, we have been tricked! The hot Latina in the raunchy flick must be her long lost sister.

Is it us or are the “it” girls of this generation getting more obscene in their ways?! Selena isn't the only one with these x-rated stories – 24 year old Cara Delevingne just exposed her body, too. There seems to be a few female celebrities a week making tabloid news for “bad behavior”. That being said, we are loving this “bare-it-all” movement. More tits and ass looks good on my screen.

Well, enough with our thoughts on the matter. Enjoy watching Selena's hot spectacle below!

Selena Gomez sex tape with Justin Bieber

Watch the Selena Gomez Sex Tape