Joanna Krupa Topless on a Yacht

You are in for a treat! Joanna Krupa was seen topless on a yacht and it might be one of the finest things you have ever seen. For one thing, this Polish-American model and former reality-star has one of the finest bodies in the entertainment industry. Therefore, seeing her goddess body sunbathing is a luscious view to see!

Joanna Krupa boobs on a yacht
Joanna Krupa topless looking sexy as hell on a yacht!

The 5'7 cougar might be 37 years old, but she can compete with all the Kylie Jenners of the world. To put it another way, her gorgeous figure is as tight as a 19 year old's and everyone is taking notice. In all honesty, we think Ms. Krupa knows it too, because she has been flashing her body a lot lately on social media. Certainly, no one minds!

See Joanna's topless golden body below.

Joanna Krupa Topless and Sunbathing on a Yacht