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  • She has appeared in a few episodes of the hit vampire series True Blood, along with a role in The Miss Education of Jenna Bush, VH1's Best Week Ever and Dirty Sexy Money.
  • Her co-star Kaley Cuoco was a victim of The Fappening hack, a giant leak of celebrity nudes & sex tapes.

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The actress discusses how The Big Bang Theory has been a “phenomenal experience.”

On the surface, it seems like Melissa Rauch could be in just about any TV comedy right now — she's a full-time writer and producer on The Big Bang Theory, she has guest-starred on things like Black Monday and Sofia the First, and she's also a comedian, author and mother of one. But those roles pale in comparison to what the Big Bang Theory — and now, also The Big Bang Theory: The Musical — mean to her.

The Big Bang Theory is like the soundtrack of my life,

Rauch tells CelebrityRevealer. “So when they brought out the musical version, it was like the real thing. I'm still fighting back tears. It’s been a phenomenal experience.”

Rauch says that when it comes to acting, comedy has always been her strongest suit. “It's all about the words. I'm a joke teller and the characters I've played have been pretty comedic. It's what I do best. With The Big Bang Theory, it's all about the jokes”.