Nell McAndrews Has Sand in Her Vagina Now

Have you seen Nell McAndrews naked photos? If you haven't, we have collected her best nudes for you to see all in one place. I mean, this 42 year old model still has one of the most toned bodies in the entertainment industry! Of course, it's probably because she is also a highly motivated marathon runner.

Nell McAndrews naked on beach!
Nell McAndrews nude on the beach and nipple exposed!

This ex glamour model was the hottest thing back in the day. People compared her beauty to the lovely Marilyn Monroe and she even did some magazine shoots emulating the infamous curvy blonde. One of her main highlights in her career is her “Lara Croft” photos in Playboy magazine, which we have a picture in the gallery below.

If you want to see a younger looking blonde who we think looks a lot like this babe, check out Candice Swanepoel's hot Fappening pics! She's a Victoria Secret model who had her private pics leaked to the web!

Anyway, like we stated before, Nell has now moved on to being an accomplished amateur athlete. She is no longer in the entertainment industry, but you can still enjoy her past through these sexy images!

Nell McAndrews Naked Pics