Fantastic Polaroid Shoot with Emily Ratajkowski (from Jonathan Leder)

Wow, Emily Ratajkowski nude polaroids are definitely the best Jonathan Leder has ever published. It's safe to say she helped the photographer become known. Now he photographs celebs and models all over the world, but he has Em to thank for giving him the head start!


This girl has some “photographing” talent, too. If you haven't heard, she's one of the best nude selfie takers the social media world has ever seen. You should check out Rata's steamy leaked photos if you don't know what we are talking about. The girl has serious game in that department!

Emily Ratajkowski nude polaroid by Jonathan Leder
So hot! Em Rata's nude polaroid by Jonathan Leder!

If you didn't know, Emily was the star-model who was dancing naked in Robin Thicke's ‘Blurred Lines' music video. The busty brunette became an overnight sensation – everyone was wondering who that fine ass woman was flirting with the singer.

Anyway, enjoy seeing some of Em's most seductive pics. This is a celeb video you don't want to miss out seeing!

Watch The Emily Ratajkowski Nude Polaroids Collection