Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape Leaked!

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Well, folks, here we go again. It seems that these naughty celeb videos are the bread and butter of Hollywood these days. So is it a surprise to find another one hit the web this year? The popular tape, featuring reality television star Nikki Mudarris and rapper and music producer Mally Mall is making fans go into a frenzy! The whole scandal reminds us of this BIG BOOTY video . The drama behind this footage, however, gets a lot more intense when you learn that Nikki didn't even know she was being filmed at the time.

I mean, really? That's horrible…


Nikki Mudarris sex tape leaked
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Having risen to fame after graduating from the University of Southern Carolina with a degree in business, Nikki rose to fame by taking over the management of her family's various nightlife establishments. Through her relationship with Mally Mall, she was able to find inclusion on the reality series, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, where she became known for her feisty, confrontational demeanor. A tumultuous love story like the one P. Diddy has with his longtime sexy GF who had NAKED photos stolen from her iCloud. Her newfound fame led to several modelling contracts, and her current net worth is rumored to be worth over one million dollars. One can only guess at how this latest scandal will impact her career.

According to the twenty-six-year-old reality star, the tape was leaked by her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Mall, in order to get revenge against her for leaving him. Following the leak of the video, a furious Nikki took to Twitter to rant about how betrayed she felt that someone would go to such lengths to tarnish her image. It is still unknown as to whether Nikki will take legal action against this violation of her privacy, we do know that she's taken out a restraining order against him that states he cannot be within a hundred yards of her.

Of course, there are skeptics to this version of events, but the couple's known turbulent relationship makes this situation pretty realistic. Even though there are rumors that the ex couple actually worked together on this scheme to make extra millions from their “drama”.

Whatever the case is, Nikki looks fucking bangin' as hell in the video. Of course, she is the centerpiece of the whole thing – while Mally is just a prop. See her work his fat ass to exhaustion below!

Nikki Mudarris sex tape leaked

Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape Leaked