Paris Hilton Sex Tape – A Classic

The Paris Hilton sex tape has been making headlines again! The uncut version has been released and all her admirers want to see what dirty footage could have been left out.


If you don't know much about this kinky socialite, allow me to inform you. Paris Whitney Hilton was born in the year 1981 somewhere in the luxurious areas of New York City. She was born with a silver spoon and dreamt of becoming a singer or an actress.

This woman's connections helped her sign a contract with real estate magnet Donald Trump’s modeling development agency (don't miss out on President Trump's naked pics of his DELICIOUS wife, or should we say ‘first lady'?). Back in the 2000's Paris was regularly featured in entertainment news and tabloid magazines because of her relationships, and was also proclaimed “New York’s leading IT girl” in 2001.

snapshot of the Paris Hilton sex tape
Screenshot of the Paris Hilton sex tape!
pic of the paris hilton sex tape blowjob scene
Paris giving a fantastic blowjob in the tape!

Her fame grew when her tape was “leaked” in the year 2004. The footage involves Hilton and then boyfriend Rick Salomon having an intimate physical good time while on vacation. This video was recorded on a tripod camera mostly in the night vision but some scenes are in normal mode. The tape was never meant to be released to the public, sources claim. Although it was leaked just weeks before Hilton’s TV series The Simple Life was set to air, which made the whole thing seemed planned out on purpose.

The name of the video was dubbed “1 Night in Paris” distributed by Red Light District, this created a Hilton a media sensation and took adult industry by storm when it bagged three different AVN Awards in the year 2005, namely “Best Overall Marketing Campaign-Individual”, “Best Renting Title of The Year” and “Best Selling Title of The Year”. It also won the F.A.M.E Award in the Year 2008 for the category “Favorite Celebrity Sex Tape”. Her award-winning blow job she enthusiastically gives to Salomon, is just as fantastic as Britney Spears' oral-pleasing abilities in her tape scandal. Maybe blondes do know how to have more fun…

Suck the cum right out of that cock Paris! At least Kim Kardashian swallows 🙂

Also, after the video’s release Rick sued her for defamation but got counter sued and the poor bastard had to pay $400,000 in settlement. In the recent years, Ms. Hilton has been one of the most successful businesswomen and is busy promoting her brand all over the world. Recently Paris put out a boring documentary about her daily life.

Watch Paris really “put out” and take that big dick in her tight little cunt…

Paris Hilton sex tape


Paris Hilton Sex Tape – Full Version

WATCH: 1 Night in Paris [62:53]
 The authentic leaked tape that started it all…