Charlotte McKinney Nip Slip In Black Bikini Top

Charlotte McKinney nip slip was almost all the way out! Unfortunately for us, only part of her nipple is seen below, but it's still damn hot. Regardless, Charlotte looks fucking fantastic in her black tiny bikini! I mean, to start with, she can barely keep her big melons in the little top!

Charlotte McKinney nip slip in black bikini top
Charlotte McKinney nip slip in tiny black bikini top is so hot!

In essence, even she didn't reveal all of her nips, the 23 year old model still gets us hard with that mascara dripping all over her face. In fact, that may be the most provocative part of this delicious image of the IG model.

If you didn't know, this busty blonde became famous in the same way the swimsuit Kate Upton did (you can see Kate's leaked pics here). They similarly were brought to stardom by social media – Kate on YouTube and Charlotte on Instagram.

Anyway, see McKinney's sexy pics below!

Charlotte McKinney Nip Slip in Black Bikini Top