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Hilary Duff Is Single And Loves To Take Naughty Selfies

When Hilary Duff was playing “Lizzie McGuire” back in the day, no one could dream that she would turn out to be such a naughty girl! The Fappening hack has showed us new and dirty sides to innocent and sweetly seeming celebs. Duff is definitely NOT the sweet Disney TV girl we all assumed she was, at least not in her batch of LEAKED pics. Some people speculate she turned into this sexual deviant after her divorce with her ex, Mike Comrie.

Hmm… could it be that she was in a sexless marriage and now she is craving to explore?! I mean, it's a FACT that she got on the hook-up app Tinder and went on a date. Damn, she's in a hurry!


If you're not familiar with this little lady, let us give you some info on her so you can get a better picture of who she is. Hilary was born in Houston on September 28, 1987 which makes her 29 years old. She began acting at a young age, starring in a production of The Nutcracker at age 8. Her older sister is an actress too (Haylie Duff), although not as famous as her.

Her breakthrough show that put her on the spotlight was the series Lizzie McGuire. It lasted from 2001-2004 and was extremely popular with her generation at the time. She went on acting with movies such as Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story, and also appeared in six episodes of Gossip Girl in 2009. Duff also delved in the music with hits just as “Come Clean” and “So Yesterday”.

She took a break from the entertainment world and married Comrie in February of 2010, and the couple had a son named Luca in March of 2012. The pair split up in January 2014 and their divorce was finalized last year. They remain good friends, still going on trips together with their sun. They were spotted in Hawaii on a vacation last summer, how sweet. If only more divorced couples could be that way for their children.

Since the split, Hilary is has been LOVING the single life. Let us show you how…

Hilary Duff LOVES The Single Life And These Leaked Images Are Proof!

Hilary Duff leaked picture with her tongue out

Before We Get To Her Fappening Collection, Let's WARM UP With Her SEXIEST Photos First…

Hilary Duff in a maroon bikini showing her amazing ass
Now that's a booty you can take a bite off!

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She Must Work Out – Hilary's Bikini Body Is Everything A Man And His Wang Could Want.

Hilary Duff in a colorful striped bikini with sunglasses on walking on the beach
Do we see some hard nipples? Tasty.

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MMM, Hilary Duff Can Snapchat Me ALL DAY.

Hilary Duff snapchat pic in a blue bra

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And FINALLY, Hilary's Leaked Pics Are Here To Make You Explode!

Hilary Duff taking a selfie mirror pic in bikini

Hilary Duff leaked pussy pic from the Fappening hack
She likes to be ALL natural. Who could have predicted that!

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Wow, who knew she could be so raw and crude… We like it! Well, if you can't get enough of this woman, here's a few more galleries for your enjoyment below.

Because Pokies Are The Hottest Trend In America And Duff Is A Fan.

Hilary Duff pokies in white tank top while walking around LA

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Just a little clip of this sexy 5'2 beauty and some side boob showing.

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