Jessica Nigri Topless Leaked Pics

Just in case you haven't heard of this beauty, she is a Cosplay and YouTube personality whose incredible rise to fame all began with a single, naughty picture. Yeah, the Jessica Nigri nude pic(s) practically made her famous. It is truly a case of a picture speaking a thousand words, and one of the best examples of our viral culture turning an ordinary, beautiful woman into an all-out celebrity. And, now, she's got MORE than one to display.


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I'd like to catch that Pikachu!

Ms. Nigri was originally born in the United States, but spent her childhood in New Zealand. Jessica was obsessed with video games and comic books from a young age, but it was a move back to America that prompted her first foray into cosplay and promotional modeling. She attended the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con dressed as a Sexy Pikachu, and her life changed forever. What was once a hobby and interest of Nigri's was about to launch a show-stopping career.

It wasn't long before Jessica became a pretty model for some of the biggest names in gaming and Cosplay. In 2012 her career hit new heights as she won the Imagine Games Network model contest for her portrayal of a Lollipop Chainsaw character. She has gone on to portray some of gaming's favorite ladies.

Anyway, the naughty pic was a SUPER hit sensation online (almost as huge as actress Kaley Cuoco's HOT pics that were leaked), and overnight she became the darling and dream girl of comic book lovers and gamers across the United States, and eventually around the world. The biggest names in comic books and gaming systems quickly took note and began to hire Jessica to attend other fan conventions, do promotional modeling, and launch a YouTube channel.

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Jessica Nigri Nude Leaked Pics

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JESUS, her tits got HUGE since her early Pikachu days. Boob implant?

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