Kim Kardashian Nipples Visible In See Through White Top!

If you haven't noticed yet, Kim Kardashian's nipples are pretty much visible to the public every week! Obviously the trendsetter is making a new fashion statement in which she lets her nips be visible. For the most part, her fans love this new movement she has began.

If a nice set of areola's are what you want, then you have to check out this collection of Kim's nips.

Kim Kardashian nipples in see through top!
Kim Kardashian shows off nipples in see through white top!

Furthermore, the celebrity icon is setting a good example for her little sisters! In fact, Kylie Jenner who just went topless for Complex magazine. All things considered, maybe she's not the best person look up to, but at least we get to see her curvy body more often these days.

Either way, let these braless images of Kim K take your imagination where it damn well pleases!

Kim Kardashian Nipples Visible In NYC