Adriana Lima’s Leaked iCloud Nudes Are Making The Internet Blow Up!

Get ready to get mind fucked by these sexy and PRIVATE nude pics of Adriana Lima from her iCloud leak! The extremely beautiful Victoria Secret model arguably has some of the hottest and most provocative collections on the web due to this fiasco. Men all over the world are in absolute utter awe over this news, it will go down as one of the best days in the Internet's history.
Adriana Lima taking a selfie in a white top from above

If you don't know mega-babe, let's introduce ya briefly. Lima was born in the city of Salvador on June 12 and the world was blessed ever since. When she was just 15 years old, she won Ford's “Supermodel of Brazil” competition. From a teenager, she was bound to be a superstar at the highest levels and her agents new they struck gold when they laid eyes on her for the first time.

You're in for one of the best posts you'll ever scroll through in your existence. We don't just have her personal iPhone collection pics, we also have every image of her that has gone viral. Go on, enjoy!

Let's start mild and move on to spicier….

Gallery: Adriana In Sexy Yoga Pants

Model Adriana Lima in tight pink yoga pants stretching with hands behind her head
Imagine twisting this hot thang like a pretzel!

Damn, nothing hotter than a supermodel in yoga pants, eh? I'd like to get my hands on those shapely cheeks! Now, let's keep this going with some nipple action below.

Adriana Lima See Through Photo Collection

Adriana Lima in a floral gown with her nipples visible
Get those things in my mouth!

Adriana Lima Cover Of G Espana With Deep Cleavage

GQ magazine cover of Adriana Lima in black dress showing cleavage with vampire teeth

Can you believe this gorgeous woman is 35 years old?!! She is still one of the highest paid high-fashion models and continues to get gigs after gigs. Truly, the best gems come out of Brazil. It's probably because they are known for not only having stunning faces, but curves as well. Something that is hard to come by when looking for a tall lady to model your clothes.

Although she is practically a MILF now, she still is as firm as a young 22 year old Kylie Jenner. That face also doesn't age, she's wrinkle free!

Adriana Lima's Nipple Gallery Will Make You Sweat Bullets

Runway photo of Adriana Lima baring her breasts in see through fishnet top
Two handfuls of pure heaven right there! Damn.

Adriana Lima NUDE iCloud Photo Collection Revealed!

Alright, alright, alright, we have come to the stack that you've been waiting for – her hacked gallery that will knock you dead after you get a glimpse. Jesus, this mama is fierce when it comes to taking sexual selfies. I wonder what lucky man she was trying to turn on now, she is recently divorced and apparently has a lot of pent up energy to release.

Get ready to die and be resurrected again with these sizzling shots of your dream girl, Adriana Lima!

Private selfie of Adriana Lima showing her uncovered body in a mirror
Drop the towel, Adriana!

Adriana Lima's leaked photos down below!

You might not know that Lima has a pair of daughters named Valentina and Sienna with former NBA player Marko Jaric, whom she married on Valentine's Day 2009. The couple announced their separation in 2014. They are now divorced for good, fellas! This honey is back on the market. Fuck yeah, well, like any of us really stand a chance.

Another useless fact, in 2011, she said that she drinks nothing but protein shakes in the nine days preceding a show in order to drop weight, while working out twice a day. We have to say, that's definitely not the healthiest, but damn, it makes her body look nice. Shit these women have to do to land jobs. Well, her diet became one of the top five diets searched on Google in 2012, along with those of Beyonce and Michael Phelps' workout routines.

Gallery: Perfect Nipples On Adriana

Her Deep Cleavage Magazine Cover

Lima's See Through Photo Displaying Nips

Adriana Lima Gets Naked In Selfies

Some Of Adriana's Sexiest Moments Of All Time