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Natalie Portman is one of the most versatile actors in our time; she is able to go through different types of roles without losing her magic. Apart from being a good actress, there is without a doubt that she is an amazing combination of brains, beauty and oozing sex appeal. Looking at Natalie Portman nude reaches the upper-echelons of sexy.  Whoever captured some of these photos must have made a nice chunk of change.

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Some men may find Natalie Portman intimidating, and at the same time interesting because of her charm and wit.  But watching her masturbate on screen is another thing altogether.

Thanks to the internet, there are legit photos of her nude on the beach. Though socially and politically aware in many social issues, she has strove to remain an interesting character online and offline. Portman is a Harvard graduate and an anti-poverty activist, on top of that she is also an award-winning actress and a director. All of these accomplishments make her even more exciting as a character.

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Natalie Portman Naked Sex Scene in Hotel Chevalier

In the film Hotel Chevalier back in 2007, she made an unforgettable performance when she was almost naked, the audience gets a sideways view of her breasts and crotch, and this makes an even more stimulating memory for fans of Natalie who have been following her work from the start.

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