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We are about to reveal to you the SEXIEST woman on the planet! Oh baby, these Salma Hayek nude photos will make you pull out your wanker for sure. Be aware – these are definitely NOT safe for work. You may want to take a “lunch break” before scrolling down any further, my friends.


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Love at first sight! Salma showing off her incredible figure in movie scene.

It's safe to say the world has been sickly obsessed with this Latina goddess since Desperado. We all envied the shit out of Antonio Banderas for being able to even touch his scorching hot co-star. When that movie came out in 1995, it was a pivotal time in jacking off history. Boys and men alike were searching for Salma's magazine covers the way they avidly search the internet for her today.

In other words, that is when males worldwide opened up a Salma “spank bank” that never seems to end. The busty beauty just keeps filling up our pervy memories, even at 50 years old! She never seems to age, and her famous cleavage is always the center of attention in all her paparazzi pics. It's impossible to stop lusting over her delicious curves!

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To this date, no one can compete with Hayek's physique. Young celebrities try their best to replicate her tastiness with no success. Not even Selena Gomez and her naughty video can outdo the “Dusk till Dawn” queen's sizzling ways. She will go down as a GORGEOUS legendary woman and one of the “greats” of all time.

Fortunately the Oscar-winning actress has always been a fan of shedding off her clothes in movie scenes. Call yourself lucky, we have gathered ALL of her special nude moments for you below. Please enjoy!

Salma Hayek Nude Moments

Salma Hayek Naked Movie Scenes

The scene that made her famous: stripping in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn