Anna Kendrick Fappening Nude Pics Leak Online

Anna may have been a victim in #TheFappening, but from the look of things, her paranoia for technology may have saved her from JLaw levels of exposure. However, this is not to say that the photos are entirely benign. Anna Kendrick’s photos come in different kind of flavors. A majority of the images show Anna Kendrick hanging with a guy-friend or an apparent boyfriend. One photo even shows Anna in a hot lesbian make-out session.

Anna Kendrick in see-through black dress
Those are some great looking tits.

Most of the pics were taken during a Halloween party where Kendrick is dressed up as a sexy angel. Despite the fact that the photos were a bit more modest than other celebrities in the leak, they do show a side of Anna that no one thought existed! Read: PARTY HARD. One of the photos displays Kendrick holding a joint, and in another, a pipe.

Anna Kendrick tits

While all of these may sound a little bit naughty, the hackers were unable to get their hands on the juiciest of the juicy. According to Anna Kendrick, the only reason why she was so fortunate is that she is a little bit paranoid about technology. With that said, Anna Kendrick rose to fame with the Twilight romance fantasy movie, which performed extremely well at the box office. In the movie, Kendrick played the role of Jessica Stanely, the best friend to the main character, Bella Swan. Give us more to jerk off to, Anna!

Without any more delay, here are the photos from “CelebGate”:

Anna Kendrick Fappening Pics

Think she likes to smoke weed before sex? DUH!

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