WOW. Reality Star Chantelle Connelly Nude.

This lady hit most peoples radar in 2016 after joining the UK's reality TV show Geordie Shore. It quickly became clear this one has a fiesty personality… which means we're probably going to get to see a lot more of her.

Before she found all of this attention, she was a proud stripper. You can tell by looking at her build — she's can definitely hold herself up on a pole! She's even bragged about flashing her gooch for cash. Maybe that means she'll give us a “leaked video” one day too? Seems likely. Now let's get to wanking to these HOT Chantelle Connelly nudes!

Who knows with reality TV these days, but she seems poised to make a move like Mimi Faust did on the US's Love & Hip Hop. Suck that dick for cash, baby!


Chantelle Connelly
Hey you, I'm gonna bite your dick off.

This chick would eat most dudes for breakfast. Check out her amazing natural tits and nice firm ass in the galleries below.


Chantelle Connelly Pink Bikini, No Top, and Boobs For Days

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Oh yeah, take off that top and dry yourself, girl. Can you imagine making her your slam piece for a night? Sheesh.


Chantelle Connelly White See-Through Swimsuit + Tits ‘n' Ass

see through white bikini

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She had to have known that wearing this would be cannon fodder for the paparazzi (not complaining!) Look at that juicy ass, mmm mmm!

One Piece Bikini Gallery + Nipple Rings

hot one piece with a nipple ring
She probably makes dudes bite her nipple ring to cum

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Why not mix it up with a hot one piece swimsuit and some great attention seeking behavior??

Chantelle Connelly Stunna Shades & No Clothes

topless and holding up her hair
Yeah, she fucks

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Now this is what everyone came here for: seeing those clothes taken completely off. If there was ever the definition of curvy womanly body, Chantelle is at the top. Kim K watch out.

Chantelle Connelly Cotton Bikini & Some Ridiculously Large Natural Breasts

giant natural boobs popping out
Mind explosion

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There is no doubt we'll be seeing this attention whore again. Hopefully she'll show us her pussy next time… or maybe we'll get to watch her suck some dick or something. Come on, please!

Chantelle Connelly Topless Bikini Photos

Chantelle Connelly See-Through White Swimsuit

Chantelle Connelly in a Sexy One Piece

Chantelle Connelly in a Completely Nude Photo Shoot

Chantelle Connelly's Boobs Exploding out of her Bikini