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Farrah Abraham is a walking disaster. Ever since she found herself starring on the “can't look away, this is dog shitTeen Mom reality TV show, Farrah decided to take it up a few notches and have sex with James Deen on camera.  The Farrah Abraham sex tape was born, presumably to emulate the success of Kim K Superstar.  But this tape took it quite a bit further (read: anal sex).  What a slut!  She must have learned that technique after getting pregnant at 16.  Nonetheless, after some bolt on tits and a few squats, we bring you the best of Farrah Abraham.

It looks like the LA plastic surgery party-hard porn star look is beginning to catch up with her. But you'd still fuck her, right!??

Farrah Abraham
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Farrah on the beach looking crazy
Getting those pig tails ready

Here's a smörgåsbord of hot photos you can get a little jerk session going with.

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We're not sure exactly what's going on here, but these two definitely will suck your dick.

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She must have put some work in on that booty. Much better definition.  Not to mention a whole group of sluts just waiting for a good dick!
The fake boobs and topless photo shoots, the tape, the publicity stunts… what do you think is next?  Seems like more porn is likely… we hope!  If you haven't seen Farrah take a big one up her ass, you definitely need to do that.

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Yes, fix your bunny tail Farrah. And put that ass in the air!


Talk about a crazy threesome opportunity.  The best part? You know she'd let you finish in her mouth. Kenny Powers would be proud.

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She must work out
Farrah arching her back on all fours with friends
She has that back arch down pat.

What more could you ask for? A line of women with their asses up, faces down.  Ready to fuck.  Nice work Farrah.