Kimberley Garner — The Best Celebrity Ass Award Goes To…

Readers from the UK are probably the most familiar with Kimberley Garner after she was part of the reality tv show Made in Chelsea.  She's rich, and she has a nice tight body she certainly likes to share online.  Instagram once again delivers us some twenty first century tang.  She definitely seems like the hot babe just looking to have a good time partying.  Watch out LA, this one should be on every paparazzi photographers radar — she ain't shy, not one bit. She just might have the best celebrity ass of all time!

Tabloids just eat up her drama, so here we are to deliver some blond British pussy to our loyal readers.  Kenny Powers would definitely take a bite outta that ass.  After scrolling down, you definitely will want a piece of that, too!

Best ass award Kimberley Garner
Kimberley Garner
Very #fappening-esque yeh?

Make sure you keep scrolling to see more of that fine behind.

Kimberley Garner: The Best Celebrity Ass of All Time

A Collection of Paparazzi Bikini Photos

Ride that jet ski baby.  What a lucky seat.


Modeling Photo Shoot – Naughty Santa Style

Kimberly Garner slutty santa claus

A true angel has arrived to tame your dicks.

More Paparazzi + Swimsuit Action

She's got a nice round ass on her, that's for sure.  Maybe PAWG could pick her up for their next scene!

Awesome Nip Slip & Upskirt Pics

Just think of all those tasty treats underneath skirts and dresses.  Wind storms are the friend of many-a-paparazzi.

And Finally, A Tribute to Her Ass

Kimberley Garner's perfect ass cheek
What the hell!

Kimberley Garnar perfect butt
Jessica Alba has some serious competition for nicest ass
Kim Garner red bikini and perfect ass

Perfect PAWG bubble butt


If that set of photos didn't make your willy tingle, you should probably take a #nofap break.  We need more of this dime, so we'll be keeping an eye out for any new fap content for your feasting eyes.

Kimberley Garner Upskirt & Hot Nip Slip Photos

Kimberley Garner in Various Sexy Bikini's

Hailey Baldwin camel toe pussy
And the camel toe award goes to….

The Naughty Angel Kim Garner

More of Kimberley In a Swimsuit Looking Good