Poonam Pandey’s Dirty NUDE Twitter Photos Exposed

Oh yes, the leaked Poonam Pandey nude Twitter pics have been exposed! Thousands of her admirers have been dying to see this Bollywood actress totally bare for years. Now, they have that chance to see what this beautiful woman looks like without clothes. Good thing they DO NOT disappoint by any means!


Don't know this Indian dime piece? Here's a few things to know about the damn hot actress before you see her undressed…

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Alright, now that you've gotten to know her curvy figure a little better, here are some things about this mega-babe…

Before she was a luscious actress in the film Nasha (playing a bad teacher and having sex with her students), Pandey was a model. She made it big when she made it to the top 9 contestants of the Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest. She instantly became in high demand and being the hard working model she is, Poonam did 29 sultry calendars in 2011!

Her face was undoubtedly recognizable to anyone in her country, but she didn't get insanely popular until she promised the Indian national cricket team a little something naughty! She said if they won the 2011 Cricket World Cup she would strip and get undressed for the players. They won, but the tan beauty couldn't keep the promise due to India's Board of Control regulations.

According to some sources, Poonam never made it big in her film career. So, she switched gears, and now concentrates on her virtual identity and causing her die-hard fans to lust over her with each upload to her Twitter account (the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski teases her fans with risque photos, too). Apparently she got a little too crazy, and some of her private photographs were leaked! See them below.

Poonam Pandey NSFW Twitter Pics Leaked

Indian model Poonam Pandey nude twitter pics exposed in shower
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Are you 18 years of age? Enjoy the NSFW pics!

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