Reality Star Jasmine Waltz Has a Naughty Home Video

If you don't watch reality TV trash, then you might not know about this FREAKY lady and her latest scandal. Big Brother's hottest housemate has just been exposed – the Jasmine Waltz sex tape is out of the cage! The video leak came just in time, the show is set to launch this year and it needs all the publicity it can get.

What's better than an x-rated video to give the show some exposure?! Probably nothing!


Let us introduce you first…

This filthy woman is most known for punching the nutty Lindsay Lohan in the face (she has a scandalous tape of her own). And, for getting married David Arquette to cheat on his wife Courtney Cox. Wow, what a list of serious accomplishments! The homewrecker is bound to create some fiascos on the up coming show. Big Brother's producers sure know how to pick them!

Enjoy the raunchy show!


Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Leak

Guess who is going to be co-starring with Ms. Waltz on the show? The King himself, Ray J (the guy who fucked Kim Kardashian and subsequently made her famous). Yeah, this guy is still milking the little fame he has on reality shows. I wonder what kind of trouble him and Jasmine will get into. I can foresee another sex scandal happening in 2017.

In the dirty footage, Jasmine starts out in fishnet lingerie to get her partner's blood flowing. Of course, the former model succeeds at this task. I won't give too many secrets away, but there's definitely some juicy blow job scenes and much more. You won't be disappointed, fellas!

Some screenshots of her homemade tape:

Still can't get enough of this crazy bae? Here are some sexy pics of her showing us what she's got…

reality tv star jasmine waltz modeling in lingerie on her knees

topless selfie of jasmine waltz big brother contestant

hot pic of jasmine waltz in lingerie and taking a selfie showing off her cleavage