Kim Kardashian Naked Desert Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian naked desert pics are so Kim. This photo shoot was supposedly done on a whim, too. According to Kim's website, she wanted to get undressed for the cameras again before she became pregnant. I guess she wanted to document her sex goddess body before her baby bump changed it.


Kim Kardashian naked desert pics
Kim naked in the desert with white paint on the side of her legs, arms and boobs!

Of course, this isn't Kim's sexiest naked pics ever (we prefer Kim's leaked photos instead). I mean, we could do without the artsy-farsty white paint. Don't get it twisted though, we'd still tap that ass – with or without shit all over it, given the chance!

“I did a desert photo shoot just knowing I was trying to get pregnant soon and wanted to savor this moment! We went out to the desert and just had fun and shot this so fast. We ate KFC Fried Chicken on the way there and got In-N-Out Burger and donuts on the way home LOL. Chris McMillan did my hair and Mario Dedivanovic did my makeup. Kesler Tran shot it and I love how it all came out! I have more amazing pics to share with you guys so check back next week for more from this incredible shoot!!!” – Kim Kardashian on her website.

If you care for the details, the photographer was Kelser Tran. Chris McMillan worked on her silky black hair and Mario Dedicanovic put her face on. Kim gives you all the exciting details in the quote above.

Anyway, back to the subject, here is the lovely and curvy Kim Kardashian nude in the desert. Have fun with your dirty imagination…

Kim Kardashian Naked Desert Pics – Kelser Tran