Jennifer Lawrence’s Hottest Photoshoot!

Jennifer Lawrence hottest photoshoot is undoubtedly her Esquire magazine pics! These were taken back in 2010 when she was a rising star about to explode and her SCANDALOUS Fappening pics were not leaked yet. At this time, Jennifer was best known for her first hit movie Winter's Bone, which did pretty well in theaters.


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Back then JLaw still wasn't known as the sexy American actress she is today. This seductive shoot was meant to put her beauty out there for people to see. Her publicist wanted Hollywood to know that Jennifer wasn't just a talented actress, but could also play sexy leading roles. The plan worked out great, the pics put this babe in the spotlight.

Today the Hunger Games star is the best paid female celebrities and is considered to be one of the best looking ladies in the entertainment industry, along with her blonde rival Amber Heard – who also has a dirty leaked scandal of her own. JLaw's fame has made her one of the most googled women on the planet. She is huge on Reddit, too – men all over the world obsessively share photos of her on there.

Well, check out America's sweetheart move her body around in this Esquire video below! Don't forget to check out her pics underneath the video as well.

Watch The Jennifer Lawrence Hottest Photoshoot Ever!

Pics From The Magazine

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