Phew! Serena Williams’ Tennis Player BOOTY & Upskirt Pics

Serena Williams is known for hitting tennis balls really, really hard.  Her and her sister are quite the duo, and if you're a man that enjoys some curves like I do, Serena might just rock your boat.  Her booty looks like it could crush a man's penis (and his ego).  You know she could throw a guy around… and guess who that lucky guy is? The founder of Reddit, Alex Ohanian.

Alex Ohanian cheesedick
“Serena beats me up in the bedroom”

Now, let's get to the point here.  Seeing Serena Williams naked. We want to see that big ass in the air, baby!

Before she married Alex, she had a relationship with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou.  Now that sounds like some great role-play fodder! Serena really became famous when she had her first career grand slam by beating Martina Hingis in the final match at the 1999 US Open. Get it, girl!

Upskirt moments

Serena paparazzi upskirt

Serena Williams upskirt while playing tennis

Serena Williams is known for her big black BOOTY.

Serena Williams cleavage selfie
Yeah, she knows you wanna see it
Serena Williams in a thong for SI
Keep bending!
Serena is muscular as hell
Serena is muscular as fuck
She would be fun in bed.
“Do what I say”
ass out for the club
Ready for the club

We've collected quite a few great pics in the gallery above, definitely check those out.

Serena Williams Poses for Sports Illustrated.

Serena on her stomach with thong bikini
That ass could destroy a man.

You lucky ducks get to see all that booty on display in this fantastic photo shoot from Sports Illustrated.  Thank god for softcore porn, right?!

A Collection of Seriously Sexy Serena Williams Photos

Serena Williams with fuck me eyes in bed, and great tits
IF those aren't fuck me eyes, call me Nancy
Serena Williams from behind
I'd bust a nut on that back any day